About Us

John L. Mayer - Principal and registered Landscape Architect in Michigan. A graduate of Michigan State University, John has twenty five years of experience in the landscape design and construction industry.  Those years were primarily spent in Michigan except for a brief period designing and studying in Northern California. Additional studies include a landscape design workshop run by English designer John Brookes in the south of France.  John continues to be fascinated by the large availability and variety of plant material that inspires us all.
Steve Rousseau - Designer.  Steve is a graduate of the University of Quebec with a degree in Graphic Design. With over ten years of experience in the landscape design industry, he is responsible for conceptualizing ideas, the construction plans and details, and isometric presentations. He is involved in and passionate about plant selection. He gives a personal touch from the very beginning of designing the project to the final installation which includes the perennial, annual and bulb planting. His modern approach to landscape is geometrically graphic as well as lyrical.
In-house we provide schematic drawings, design development, construction documentation, consultation and construction administration, container garden installation and flower garden installations. We contract out surveying, civil engineering, lighting design, landscape construction and landscape maintenance.Process:Initially, we schedule a site visit with potential clients, discuss your needs and understand the limits of your budget. Establishing client needs involves discussion of specific ideas that define your landscape project.

      What is the scope of work?
      What is the style of the property?
      Are there functional, environmental and aesthetic considerations?
      Are the materials and details to be used complimentary to the architecture and site?
      Are we creating a landscaping for all the activities that you can imagine?

An estimate or proposal of our services will be prepared and sent promptly. Once the estimate and scope of work is accepted we will begin the design. The result will be a conceptual drawing of your project laid out in a clear and understandable way on CAD.  Once this conceptual design is agreed upon, we will develop the design, draw renderings, prepare construction drawings, prepare detail drawings and create the bidding documents as necessary. We believe a great final product will result when we manage the construction. Our administration of the bidding and building aspects of the project is recommended. We carefully supervise, consult and approve all subcontractors work from bid approval through the warranty period.